Women’s health— health care massage bra

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    Are you still worried about chest tightness?
    Are you still worried about distress for endocrine disorder?
    Are you still sad for prolapse?
    Are you still sad for hyperplasia of mammary glands?
    Are you still self-abased for small chest?
    Id you have the above troubles, please ask “kingrise”. “kingrise” has developed a new kind of bra—heating massage bra designed according to women’s body features. The product uses polymer lithium battery and the DC low voltage design, no harm for body, and using microcomputer control, using more convenient and reliable. The product solves the problem of unable to walk and the safety problem. You only need to charging full, and put the battery in the bag of abdominal belt. On the one hand, you can enjoy the effect of abdominal belt, on the other hand , you can do other things, such as do some housework. Walk around, easy!



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