Heating gloves—the terminator of ordinary warm gloves;

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    Heating gloves—the terminator of ordinary warm gloves;
    Autumn has passed a half, is the winter far?
    In winter, the cold weather may makes your hands red or blue, even be frozen and got Chilblains. So how to keep our hands warm?
    There is KINGRISE. KINGRISE brings us new electric warm product — heating gloves;
    “Kngrise”heating warm gloves consist of heating glove, lithium battery and two line output charger. The temperature can be adjusted according to different region and requirements. After connect the electricity, the gloves can supply the heat for thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger and the back of hand. It can be arbitrarily bended without any harms for heating. The product can promote the blood circulation, relieve finger stiffness, pain, numbness due to cold, which provide infinite warmness and care in winter. Usually using heating gloves can supplement the hands’ energy, accelerating the blood circulation, prevent chilblain in cold season. 



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