KR8098 Men's heating shoes

    brand: kingrise
    type: KR8098
    color: black
    weight: 1kg
    charging time: 3-5h
    heating time: 3-12h
    sole material: rubber
    standard voltage: 3.7V
    size: 39、40、41、42、43、44
    heating temperature: 45℃-65℃
    battery capacity: 1800mAh、2200mAh、3000mAh

    product introduction
    1. Using advanced technology, every shoes are controlled by infrared remote controller, so the customer can freely control the temperature of shoes. It is so convenient for old age people, pregnant woman or those who are difficult to crouch. The customer can enjoy the convenient of life which owes to the wireless high-technology. The technology of far infrared control is a perfect design which is the first to solve the problem of circuit waterproof. We got the patent, and the patent number is ZL200920193264.8
    2. The product uses the far infrared control system which is safe,reliable, stable, and easy to operate. The system has two level heating system: constant temperature and high temperature. The heating system adopts high performance , high quality, and high stability MCU intelligent control stable chip, which has the protective function for over charge, over discharge, overflowing and short out to ensure stable quality, reliable performance and safe using.
    3. The temperature is form 45℃to 65℃, and it has the function of increasing temperature, deodorization,moisture-proof, anti-microbico and healthcare.Using high technology and blending the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, the shoes can realize keeping warm from foot to body.
    4.Three kind of optional volume, the details are as follows:
            Constant temperature:45℃--55℃       use time:7—8 h
            High temperature:55℃--65℃             use time:3—4 h
            Charing time:3--4 h
             Constant temperature:45℃--55℃       use time:8.5—10 h
             High temperature:55℃--65℃             use time:4.5—6 h
             Charing time:3.5--4.5 h
          Constant temperature:45℃--55℃        use time:10—12h
          High temperature:55℃--65℃               use time:5—6h
            Charing time:4.5-5h

    Product Features
    1. Far infrared control technology, which is a perfect design which is the firs to solve the problem of circuit water proof. and the patent number is ZL200920193264.8;
    2. Easy operation. It is so convenient for old age people,pregnant woman or those who are difficult to crouch. The customer can enjoy the convenient of life which owes to the wireless high-technology;
    3. Long heating time: one charging can use over one day;
    4.Good waterproof performance:using three-layer waterproof protective measures;
    5. Polymer battery: selecting special custom-made perfect polymer battery with low temperature resistant, safe performance and long supply time;
    6.Charger: got 3C certification, have large volume, it can charge for both two shoes at the same time;
    7. Favorable heating effect: heating in forefoot, and stable heating effect;
    8. Adjustable temperature: divided into two level: high temperature level(55℃--65℃), constant temperature(45℃--55℃);
    9. Real material: upper material made by genuine leather, the inner is soft wool;
    10. Good design: there are a mass of warm cotton and wool, so the warm effect is ideal 
    11. Overall cowhide cow body: using high grade cowhide and adopt mature processing technology;
    12. Intelligent heating system: using high-level heating chip which has the characteristics of softness, resilience, high conductivity and long working life and no radiation.
    13. Stuffed inside the shoes: using good-quality of stuffed material to heighten the warm effect.

    Product benefits
    The heating shoes supply the electricity by battery with large volume. It is no need to change the battery. It can be started by infrared remote controller after full charge. Then the shoes become warm. The heating temperature is between 45℃-65℃. The temperature is adjustable. Kingrise heating shoes are the best choice to keep warm in winter, then make your foot no longer cold.
    The Kingrise heating shoes have the following benefits:
    1.Keep warm
    2.Drying and deodorization
    3.Stimulating the foot points
    4.Improving Human immune system
    5.Reducing the wrinkle and make the skin smooth
    6.Preventing high blood pressure and apoplexy
    7.Helpful for sleep and improving the function of Human body
    8.Improving the ability of cold resistance
    9.Special anti-skidding design
    10.Avoiding the chilblain



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