KR5001 heating insoles

    brand: kingrise
    type: KR5001
    weight: 0.75kg
    charging time:3-4h
    heating time: 3-6h
    standard voltage: 3.7V
    battery capacity: 1400mAh
    heating temperature: 40°C-65°C
    size: 36、37、38、39、40、41、42、43、44
    function: keeping warm/health care/ heating/absorbing sweat/ deodorant

    Product introduction
         Kingrise electric heating insoles adopt a new generation heating elements which is soft, bending resistance, has good thermal conductivity, with far infrared heating function and characteristics. Modern design idea, integrating far infrared health care technology with shoes’ body, can be widely used in different groups,and bring warm to the outdoor workers The far infrared wavelength of product is 4~14um,similar to the body’s own emission wavelength, so it is easy to be absorbed by the body, and then form the “biological resonance effect”, Can activate human cells, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve human body immunity function. It has a good effect on rheumatoid arthritis, especially on chilblain people with good curative effect. Therefore, it is a new type of electric heating warm insole.
         This product is a built-in battery type, not other legging style. The appearance is similar to ordinary increased insoles, easy to walk. Selecting polymer battery, adding multiple pressure resistance design, it is safe and reliable. 36-44 of insoles size is available. There are two level adjustable temperatures:constant temperature and high temperature, using more reasonable and convenient.   
         Current,for ordinary insole in market, the battery cells and PCB are directly mounted in heel groove with no casing, which is unsafe and is unable to guarantee the quality. In consideration of principles of safety and quality, our product has designed special casing for battery and PCB. What’s more, it adds the design of multiple amortization and pressing resistance.

    Product features
    1. Design of multiple amortization and pressing resistance,safe and reliable;
    2. Large battery capacity and long using time;
    3. Using soft heating element, releasing far infrared ray and has health care function;
    4.Two level adjustable temperatures: constant temperature and high temperature, reasonable design;
    5. Built-in battery: using conveniently and no need leggings and no need to connect to the outside;
    6. Charger: using high quality charger, two insoles can be charging at the same time;
    7. The DC low voltage design: it will not bring safe trouble to human body, and also won't produce harmful electromagnetic waves (European standard1/1600 of the value); 
    8. Heating element with excellent softness, durable and long serve life, different with other heating insoles;
    9. The insoles can be tailored according to different foot size, 36-44 is available;
    10. Not only  keeping warm in winter, but also having health care function;
    11. Safe and easy to operate, and is the best alterative as a gift to family and friend;



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