KR1268 Battery of heating warm vest

    brand: kingrise
    type: KR1268

    weight: 72g

    heating time: 5-10h

    size: 110*72*20mm

    charging time: 7-17h
    standard voltage: 7.4V
    battery capacity: 4800mAh
    heating temperature: 40°C-65°C

    Product introduction
    This product has three level intelligent temperature adjustment: high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature, controlling the temperature through the button. It has a USB 7.4v voltage output system and can be used as mobile power. The interior uses the lithium protective chip, having the function of overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit. Adopting high performance, high quality, strong stability of MCU intelligent control, regulating temperature through outputting 1/3wave, 2/3 wave and full wave pulse signal. The battery has been adopted scientific internal structure design and advanced battery processing technique, with the characteristics of high energy, high service life, safe and reliable, high pressure resistance, wide temperature range and no radiation and so on. So it is the ideal of environment- friendly power product. 

    Product features

    1.Patent product: Patent No. ZL 2011 2 0455403.7;
    2.Protective function for over charge, over discharge, overflowing and short out to ensure stable quality, reliable performance and safe using;
    3.Adopting high performance, high quality, strong stability of MCU intelligent control Chip;
    4.Release far infrared ray: far infrared wavelength of product is 5~15um,similar to the body’s own emission wavelength, so it is easy to be absorbed by the body, and the form a "internal heat effect", activating the human body, improving body microcirculation,promoting human metabolism, regulating the menstrual function;
    5.The lithium battery can also be used as mobile power, and 7.4V output with LED indicator light;
    6.Three adjustable temperature: LED indicator light. Helpful to select suitable temperature
    7.The DC low voltage design: it will not course safe trouble to human body, and also won't produce harmful electromagnetic waves (European standard1/1600 of the value) 

    8.Soft heating element, able to be blended without deformation;

    1.charging:Take out the shoe pad, plug the charger into the DC socket, at this time, the charging indicator light became red, and it will turn to green when completing charging; 
    2.7.4v output:  Press the switch, it will heat the shoes automatically in constant temperature, the indicator light of controller turns green, at the same time, you can choose the high temperature by press the button of "high temperature",then the indicator light turns red; press the switch again,stop heating,light off;



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