1.  Market Chances
    It is well known that shoes industry is a large industry with fierce competition. Kingrise aims at the market of heating warm shoes in place of traditional winter shoes. With years of research and development, Kingrise finally resolve a tough problem of heating under sporting without broken. Now, it has been formally put into operation, which has hundreds of billions of market space.
    1) Emerging industry: Blue Ocean market, large profit space;
    2) no competition: having not formed brand pattern. Kingrise is the fist company of charging and warm equipments to import brand;
    3) easy to promote: the product functions is outstanding, just have a try,you can know its effect, so it’s easy to promote.
    2. Target market
    1) gift market: China has has entered the population aging in advance; the older people are weak, and have strong dependence on heating warm equipments, so their sons or daughters often buy some warm equipments, which is our chance.Our heating warm products shoes are a good choice to give the elders as a gift.
    2) for outdoor workers: occupational group in Mining, oilfield, military and traffic police, railway who have to work outdoor for a long time under poor working environment, so need cold-proof and charging warm equipments;
    3) bike crowd: the people using bicycle, electric cars, motorcycles is difficult to drive in winter and the hands are easy to get frostbite. These people needs cold-proof and charging warm equipments .
    4) teachers and students groups: many schools are lack of heating equipments, so winter is a hard time for teachers and students, for us , this is also a big chance


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