Users:Windy Zhang2013-09-26

    Title:please tell me how long the heating shoes can use if charging one time?

    Manager Reply2013-09-26

    It can use about12 hours under constant temperature, and it can use about6 hours under high temperature。


    Title:what is the working principle of heating shoes?

    Manager Reply2013-09-26

    our heating shoes use the far infrared control system which is safe,reliable, stable, and easy to operate。 The system has two level heating system: constant temperature and high temperature。 The technology of far infrared control is a perfect design which is the first to solve the problem of circuit waterproof。 We got the patent, and the patent number is ZL200920193264。8。 The heating system adopts high performance , high quality, and high stability MCU intelligent control stable chip, which has the protective function for over charge, over discharge, overflowing and short out to ensure stable quality, reliable performance and safe using。


    Title: How many degree is the temperature of your heating shoes?

    Manager Reply2013-09-26

    our heating shoes have two kinds of temperature.The first is constant temperature,45℃-55℃;the seconde is high temperature,55℃-65℃.

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