Shenzhen Kingrise Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2009, located in Shenzhen - China’s electronic city. The company is engaged in R&D, design, production, sales and service of electric heating products, such as electric heating shoes, electric he...

Has a research and development team and production plant, hired.....

Independent intellectual property patent product heating shoes.....

Has a research and development team and production plant, hired。。。。。

The relationship between policy and quality first, number second.....

All orders are specifically responsible for, in strict accordance。。。。。

  • long history experience

    Quality first, reputation first, sincere service.

  • Large storage fast delivery

    Feel free to contact to obtain the latest available directory.

  • Strong technology

    Many products, a variety of hot commodities, style, optional space.

  • Excellent service quality

    The exquisite order documentary customer service team, have their own factories, cooperative logistics company, later order tracking specialist.

  • perfect after sale service

    The rewards will not be limited to solve a problem, Jin Furui's technical superiority will bring practical value in return more to your company!

  • please tell me how long the heating shoes can use if charging one time?

    It can use about12 hours under constant temperatur...

  • what is the working principle of heating shoes?

    our heating shoes use the far infrared control sys...

  • How many degree is the temperature of your heating shoes?

    our heating shoes have two kinds of temperature。Th。。。

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